Susan Lazar Consulting, Inc.
Team Development

Team Development

It's been said that an organization is as successful as its management team. And it’s true that when talented people work together to address issues, the results can be no less than amazing.

As a result, successful team building has far-reaching ramifications for a business. Yet building and sustaining an effective management team is often a significant challenge.

Even if you have a team of great people, sometimes the challenge is to make sure that each person is in the right spot on the team, using his or her specific skill set to move the team’s goals forward. 

Susan Lazar Consulting, Inc. works to develop the structure and clarity groups of individuals need to function as a group and to feel stimulated and motivated to accomplish their goals.

To do that, we focus on:

  • Developing a clear sense of purpose
  • Building trust
  • Clarifying roles and goals
  • Clear communication and decision making
  • Implementation and evaluation

Organizational Development

Whenever organizations face transitions, change is one of the by-products. We work with organization leaders and owners to identify the outcomes that are desired in the context of their business strategies and plans for success.

Our work includes:

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Defining leaders’ expectations and agendas
  • Cooperation between/among functional groups
  • Evaluating Board effectiveness
  • Developing future organizational leaders

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Sample Client Successes:

Client: Mid-size manufacturing company

Challenge: Business is not meeting profit goals


  • Complete expense analysis and expense reduction plan.
  • Facilitate strategic planning effort and finalize short and long-term strategic plans including diversification of the business.
  • Work with the owners as a group.


  • Determine reason for cost overruns.
  • Over 90% of sales are from one customer. Business is at risk if that customer seeks other suppliers.
  • There is a lack of clarity about who is in charge; lack of cooperation among managers; and inability to deal with under-performing personnel.
  • To develop a plan for addressing current business issues.


  • Business met its financial goals and is on a strategic plan for further growth and diversification.