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Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services

No matter what business you are in, you’re in the business of managing people: the people in your company who help to build, create, package, market and sell your products and/or services. 

If the people are not working together cohesively, the rest of the business will suffer.  It doesn’t matter how good or bad the economy is, how well positioned you are in the marketplace, how unique your product is, or how effective your distribution channel is.   The effectiveness and the happiness of your people resources have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Susan Lazar Consulting, Inc. will help you harness the power of your people resources, increasing their focus, productivity, and effectiveness.  A work team that has clarity of focus, agreement on key objectives and tasks, and an understanding and appreciation of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, can drive success no matter what obstacles they face.

We will help you define expectations, clarify roles and responsibilities, resolve conflicts, communicate effectively and plan strategically.  Our clients learn to build on their strengths in order to work together, make sound decisions and create long term, productive, sustainable change.  Such healthy relationships provide the energy and motivation that fuel the company and influence productivity.

Services include:

As one of three equal partners in a business, I was very frustrated because group decision making was not working and we all had different ideas about our roles as leaders. Things were quickly getting out of control. Susan worked with us to clarify roles and responsibilities and decision-making. We got back on track to focus on the business and our goals for the future.
~ Co-owner, industrial supply business