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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Whenever you combine tasks, deadlines and people, accomplishment is the goal.  Sometimes, however, an unintended additional result is conflict.   Depending on the issue, what’s at stake, and the skill sets of the parties involved, the conflict needs to be  addressed and resolved.

Unresolved conflicts can be toxic in the work environment. An initial incident can take on larger proportions over time, gathering ammunition from successive events.  Left to fester, it can poison relationships in the workplace and wreak havoc with productivity.

Susan Lazar Consulting, Inc. works with our clients to identify and resolve sources of conflict.  We teach individuals and groups that resolving conflict is rarely about who is right.  It is about acknowledging and appreciating differences and working together to achieve the best possible outcome for the organization.

We work with individuals and groups to:

  • Help people communicate effectively
  • Get clarity on the issues at hand and the ultimate goals
  • Define expectations for those involved and for the outcome
  • Make progress toward reaching those goals
  • Help people develop the skills to resolve conflicts in the future

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Sample Client Successes:

Client: Mid-sized real estate company with three unrelated partners who have unequal ownership.

Challenge: Resolve extreme differences of opinion with regard to power, control and the future direction of the business.


  • Work with each owner individually to identify their issues and perspective on the situation.
  • Work with the owners as a group.


  • To clarify expectations, roles and scope of responsibility.
  • To develop communications skills and establish a process for minimizing differences
  • To objectify business discussions and decision making and incorporate them into the business, thereby creating a more professional organization.


  • Clarity about roles decreased power struggles
  • Identifying clear range of responsibilities minimized confusion and errors
  • Established a schedule for regular business meetings with an agenda and action plan.
  • Workable agreements among owners resulted in a more professional and profitable organization.